Alternative Ways for Hair Treatments

Portrait of beautiful brunette woman in black dress For thousands of years of human existence, man has relied on Nature as a provider that has sustained him with all his needs. It is from nature, that man has evolved to what he is today, and from that same principle, man will continue to thrive. Science has given us the opportunity to improve the way that we live through the use of technology. Unfortunately, there is a draw back to the merits of technology. Pollution has has become a major threat yo our existence that we try to find ways in solving it. Added to that, the rising toxicity in the foods and medicinal products that we partake in a daily basis, which has caused a rise in ailments and diseases that are beginning to take it’s toll on the general population.

Alternative means of preventive medicines are now being used to manufacture our foods and pharmaceutical products. These materials and organic compounds are derived from the bounty of nature itself. One good example is the integration of natural ingredients that come from plants in making shampoo for thinning hair. Natural ingredients derived from plants have been used for thousands of years. Plants such as aloe vera, are used as a key ingredient in making shampoos that can help in giving thinning hair remedies.

Another good example is lemon grass, which is so called because of it’s aromatic scent that is in close resemblance to that of a ripe lemon. Lemon grass is endemic to South East Asia, and is usually grounded to extract it’s oil which is used to prevent the infestation of head lice. Another unique characteristic of lemon grass, is that when it is boiled like tea, it can be drank to reduce uric acid and lower blood cholesterol. Jojoba beads are also used nowadays as an active ingredient to shampoos because of it’s benefit of giving hair a healthy, silky shine unlike that of any synthetically formulated shampoos.

Regardless of any technological advancement that man has made, it seems that we can not avoid with going back to nature for some apparent reason. It may well be considered a natural aspect of our existence as human beings to return to where we once sought our needs for our existence. Nature will always be there to provide us with everything that we will ever need, as long as we learn to take care of it, for our own sake.

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Importance of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

bioidenticalhormonereplacementtherapyThere are many reasons due to which human body lose hormones. Both men and women suffer from the symptoms that arise due to hormonal imbalance. Although, there had been therapies that provided hormone replacement, but in recent years a natural approach has placed emphasis on the use of bioidentical hormones. The reason behind this is the identical molecular structure of bioidentical hormones with hormones present in human bodies. However, there are many questions regarding bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT, which confuses many people.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources. They provide relief from symptoms of hormonal imbalance to both men and women. These hormones are easily metabolized by human body and thus they don’t carry the risk that are usually associated with synthetic hormones. The most common side-effects that are associated with taking synthetic hormone treatment is increased likelihood of heart disease and cancer. Bioidentical hormones are usually derived from sources like soy and yams. When you decide to take the BHRT treatment, a specialized treatment plan is implemented on each patient, which is developed after careful study of your hormone levels.

Hormone replacement therapy may include:

Human Growth Hormone or HGH: HGH is an important protein based hormone in your body that is responsible for stimulating growth of muscle, cell, and bone. This growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland of your body. HGH stimulates your liver to produce somatomedin. Your body loses HGH as your age increases.

Testosterone: This hormone is the principle hormone among androgens. Famously known for its role in sexual functions of the human body, this hormone is also responsible for bone density, hair growth, and muscle mass. Immediate precursor of this hormone is DHEA, and it’s derived from cholesterol. Generally, testosterone is considered as “male sex hormone,” but it also plays a significant role in women.

Progesterone: This hormone is also called “the feel good hormone.” This name is given to progesterone because it plays an important part in the functioning of the brain due to its anti-depressant and mood enhancing effects. Estrogen and progesterone are two chemicals that must balance each other in the human body, because effects of estrogen are negated by progesterone.

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA: This hormone is also called “mother of all hormones.” This name is given to DHEA because it fuels the pathway that controls the delicate interplay of hormones in the human body. Therefore, right amount of DHEA is important for maintaining balance of other important hormones.

Estrogen: This hormone is responsible for sleep deprivation, moodiness, hot flashes, and memory loss, which is why it’s sometimes called the “internal thermostat.”

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Miami

When you are suffering from hormonal deficiency or imbalance, then you must consult experts. If you live in Miami, then you must schedule your BHRT consultation with an expert for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Miami. You should know that every person has different problems, and one solution is not applicable for all. After proper consultation, you would get an accurate diagnosis of your problem, which will help in its early cure.

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Out with the Implants

implantsGetting breast augmentation can sometimes be disappointing. Hard as that may be to believe, a lot of celebrities who have gotten boob jobs eventually realize that it’s not all it’s made out to be and decide to get their implants removed.

In the case of Sharon Osbourne, it was all due to a leaky implant. We don’t know if she had a bad surgeon or simply ended up with a lemon. Either way, that was a horrible thing to happen.

With Pam Anderson, it was more of a size thing. She’s such a petite girl, and those gazongas she had in Baywatch were way too big for her, so she got rid of them. But maybe she didn’t want to be flat-chested again, because she got implants again, but this time, much smaller ones that are better suited for her frame.

Heather Morris got rid of her implants because they made her sore and kept her from doing what she loved, which happens to also be what pays the bills. Breast augmentation may have looked great on her, but it made dancing painful and difficult. That’s one trade off that she could not live with, and so she bid “tata!” to her ta-tas.

It may have been strange for porn star Jenna Jameson to have her implants taken out – isn’t bigger always better in pornos? But no, apparently it was the discomfort that was the deal breaker. Bigger boobs need bigger support – she had to hold her boobs every time she went jogging, which may have caused her to look like a perv.

Wondering if you should or shouldn’t? If you’re in Philadelphia, go see Dr. Visasht for some advice, and if you’re in Murrieta, there’s Coastal Plastic Surgeons.

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Getting Rid of Your Fats

fatsLiposuction is extremely effective helping you lose that stubborn belly fat and loose tummies along with some other health problems. With liposuction or tummy tuck surgery the unwanted fat from the abdomen area is removed. After the fat has been removed the abdomen is re-created firmly through the removal of unnecessary skin. To demonstrate, if you desire to lose fat out of your stomach area then muscle and fascia are taken out and skin is formed firmer via surgical treatments.

Botox San Diego has no gender constraints (check this site). One can go with other cosmetic treatments to improve and enhance their shape, lift their face and leave the lines and wrinkles behind. There are some procedures that will illustrate instant results however there some that necessitate more care and patience. The surgery we are talking about involves the mere injection of a serum that will slow down or numb the nerves. Consequently the specific area is less prone to reactions such as movements.

The exact same procedure is applied in Sculptra San Diego. An injection is used to increase or add some volume to the face. This can be accomplished add more shape to the cheeks and some other facial areas that look thinned out. Some individuals lose a lot of weight on their body but need to have more shape to their face to prevent them from looking anorexic.

Nonetheless, treatments such as San Diego Liposuction require more time due to minor surgical procedures which are involved. Even though the surgery requires more time you will certainly receive the same results you wanted. The individual will be assured of an extreme loss of fat which is of course the main goal of the surgery. However while undergoing any form of surgical treatment it is essential to comprehend the procedure and be ensure that you are aware of the side effects along with the benefits.

Not all treatments are the same for everyone. Some people may require more procedures to gain the results they want. For example botox will help you delay wrinkles. However if you would like to alter the way you look fully then you may contemplate an eyebrow lift or perhaps even a facelift to make the changes more visible.

Liposuction subtracts areas of fat to enhance the shape of your body to form a much more attractive figure. Some people exercise and diet as much as they can yet still see the bulges of fat so they turn to surgery for the results they seek. Liposuction can permanently remove desired areas of fat.

Liposuction is now known as the most popular and common choices of surgeries to lose fat. Some results can be completely amazing even if your total weight only changes slightly.

Eighty percent of patients who have received liposuction surgery in Dallas were satisfied with their results (read more here). Fifty three percent explained that their appearance has improved and they feel they are in excellent condition. Weight gain was reported by forty three percent of the responders with fifty six percent of them adding on an excess of six to ten pounds weight only six months after their surgery. Fat return was reported by sixty five percent of the responders. Just under eighty percent of people would have treatment again and eighty six percent recommended the surgery to family and friends.

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Gathering Rosebuds

Single hot pink rose bud with dew drops“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old Time is still a-flying;

And this same flower that smiles today

Tomorrow will be dying.” – Robert Herrick

Our youth will pass. Our looks will fade. Our hair will turn gray. We will get wrinkles and age spots. Our arms and tummies and thighs will get saggy. Our butt will succumb to gravity too. We will sport those spider veins. It doesn’t matter if we live in temperate Baltimore or sunny Austin. We will grow old, and our faces and bodies will know it and show it.

So what do we do now? Will we always try to hide our age? Will we forever chase after what we’ve lost? Will we have one plastic surgery( another in our efforts to recapture beauty that is lost to us? Such endeavors are futile and will bring little joy. Why don’t we let go of our vanity, and ease up on the rat race, and savor, enjoy, and relish the peak years wherein we’re in our prime.

Let’s make the most of the time that we have and take our good man Robert Herrick’s advice and gather those rosebuds. He admonishes us to seize the day – “carpe diem”. Let’s take those chances, grab the opportunities that come along, so that we may not live in regret, or ask ourselves “what if” questions in the future. Let’s run, or climb mountains, or swim in the sea while our legs are still strong and supple. Let’s enjoy the sunshine and the trees and wildflowers while we can, and before global warming makes it impossible or unhealthy (read more). Let’s go catch those stage musicals or football games while our eyesight and hearing are still good. Let’s love and live life while we are young. Let’s do our part in helping the world’s poor live in peace and with dignity. Let’s play our role in protecting the environment, and ensure that future generations will be able to gather their rosebuds too.

Time flies so fast. Youth, beauty, life – they are all so fleeting. Let’s not waste these gifts in fruitless pursuits.

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Broken Hearts And Butterflies

Broken Heart“How can you mend a broken heart? How can you stop the rain from falling down?” – Bee Gees

There are just some discomforts that doctors can’t ease. There are just some wounds that medicine won’t heal.

There are heart conditions that the best cardiologist won’t be able to do anything about, such as a broken heart. The searing anguish caused by a beloved’s betrayal, or his indifference or rejection – there’s no cure for that but time. But before the treatment period is over the pain will be exacerbated by every single love song that gets any radio airtime, or comes up by accident in some auto-generated playlist. Popular culprits: Bee Gees, Adele, Air Supply, Barry Manilow, James Ingram, Mariah… The sting of unrequited or unconsummated love, however, is one to be savored and wallowed in, and brought out when one finds oneself single in Southfield on Valentine’s Day.

As for butterflies in the stomach, I’m afraid no surgeon will cute anybody open for that. A gastrointestinal specialist may give you some Tums or Pepto-Bismol but neither will truly settle those flutterings. If it’s due to something you’re watching on TV, then for God’s sake turn the thing off, or change the channel. If the butterflies are caused by some kind of performance anxiety, then perhaps rehearsing that speech cold help or perhaps envisioning that home run or that goal could give you some confidence boost, or at the very least help ensure a favorable outcome. If the fluttering is brought on by fear or danger, then perhaps evacuating that flooded area, or calling the cops, is the way to go.

No surgery for sticks that are up people’s asses either. Maybe a couple of hundred sessions with a psychotherapist would address the issue better. Or sometimes a stern word from the boss, coupled with the threat of being fired, could help create that much needed attitude adjustment. All it takes is for the person with said stick to realize that he or she does in fact have it up his or her hiney, and that it makes life hell for the people who are in the vicinity. Hopefully this will result in some enforced relaxation and laying back, and even the relinquishing of some control.

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Send in the Clones

Woman embracing her boyfriendRemember that 2005 movie, The Island? It stars Ewan MacGregor and Scarlet Johansson as clones among a colony of clones especially “manufactured” as custom sources of organs and body parts for their “original” versions, the sponsors. In this dystopian society of clones, they are taught that life’s purpose is to remain healthy in order to be able to repopulate the world, should the opportunity arise, in the form of a made-up raffle draw in which the prize is a trip to “the island”, where humans are rebuilding the world. But in reality, the raffle is merely a means to keep the clones in check and give them an aspiration. Should the a sponsor get old, sick, or get into an accident, and need organ transplants, blood transfusions, skin grafts, or possibly even bioidentical hormone therapy (click here to learn more), his or her clone “wins” the raffle, which is actually a cover story for an organ harvest.

What we have in the real world, in the present, are advances in cosmetics and skin care, and increasingly effective treatments for some of the diseases that ail people. But there are some that we haven’t found a cure for. Cloning may be the key to the fountain of youth or the ultimate longevity that many desire and work for.

Aging can be disguised, badly in some cases, but can never be prevented, really. Cancer can be treated, but with no guarantees. Mental and psychological afflictions such as schizophrenia and mental retardation can be managed but can never really be cured. And there are some global ailments that science and technology won’t be able to cure. In a more sociological and anthropological scale, there never really was a cure or prevention for wretched poverty, oppression, moral bankruptcy, war, and violence, as these are widespread conditions all over the world, whether in Tehran, Pnom Penh, or Omaha.

Whether these clones can be considered human or not, can society ever treat these living, breathing, sentient beings as mere sources of spare parts? But can we really use advances in genetics and medicine in this way? Can humanity go this far? The film presents this as a probable scenario in the near future.

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Being Comfortable in your Own Skin

relaxWouldn’t we all love to be comfortable in our own skin?

Apart from the self-esteem and emotional maturity that would be required for us to arrive at such a contented state, it would be nice to have nice smooth skin to cozy up in. Of course that would be such a superficial kind of comfort, but imagine the confidence that waking up in lovely dewy skin would bring. We’d be ready to face the world without the mask of makeup that we apply to disguise the parts of ourselves that are not young and beautiful.

Make up can be considered partly magic and partly deception, an illusion of beauty within a reality that is not quite beautiful. And make no mistake, there is indeed deception involved. Don’t we feel like we’ve been had when we see all those photos of celebrities without make up, without the multiple spells that Photoshop has cast? Don’t we feel betrayed when we see a beauty icon unmasked? And don’t we envy those celebrities featured in those beautiful-without-makeup type articles in People magazine?

We wouldn’t even mention the teens and twenty-somethings like Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus – of course their complexions are still smooth and plump and wrinkle-free. But those practically flawless thirty-somethings like Claire Danes or Kate Winslet, or those forty- and fifty-somethings such as Amy Poehler, Jennifer Aniston, or Julia Louis-Dreyfuss who own their skin and look fabulous doing it – these gals deserve our props.

How do we get to a point where we can go out barefaced? How do we maintain our skin for decades to come? First thing that we ought to get a handle on would be the obvious problems that we have. Dryness? Fine lines? Acne? Discolorations or pigmentations? We best get our asses to the dermatologist for some solutions.

As for maintenance, most dermatologists recommend 3 things:
1. Hydration. Getting those eight glasses of H2O down your throat could be the step that takes your skin from so-so to fabulous. Water comes out as sweat and flushes out those toxins and impurities from your cells.
2. Sun protection. Those UV rays are the enemy, causing pigmentations and premature wrinkles. Photoaging is avoidable with the simple application of sunblock every single day. Go for a minimum of SPF 30.
3. Basic cleansing, toning, moisturizing. It is important to find a skin regimen that is suited for our age and skin type, and stick to it. Just as important as the quality and efficacy of our skin care products is our fastidiousness and consistency in sticking to it, no matter what.

If you live in Baton Rouge, you may book a consult with Z Dermatology.

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Taking Care of Your Hands

You may take it for granted, but making jewelry, even if it’s just stringing up beads, is a task that requires a lot of dexterity. And sometimes we can get lost in the sheer joy of making beautiful things that we forget to take a break. If we are to keep at this hobby, we have to take better care of our hands, as the consequences of not doing so could prevent us from indulging in our beads and baubles to our hearts’ content. We may get cramps and all sorts of aches in our hands. We may also develop vein thrombosis or some other kind of condition that will require vein treatment. If you’re in Miami and need a vein doctor, check out Soffer Health.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Here are some suggestions and tips to keep your hands in great shape:

1. Do warm up stretches before you pick up your pliers and wire, or thread and beads. Put your palms against each other and thread your fingers together. Keeping your fingers linked, turn your palms out away from your and stretch out your shoulders arms and fingers. Do this several times.

Put your palms together in prayer position and press your opposite fingers against each other, pushing your palms away from each other and back together again. Do this several times as well.

Close and open your hands several times, stretching the fingers out when they’re open and squeezing them in when they’re closed.

2. Let your hands take a break every so often so you can do some or all of the stretches again.

3. To relieve aches and pains, try giving either hand a simple massage using the opposite hand. A much better alternative to this is to have someone else – a friend, or a friend-friend – do the massage for you. Use a salve or liniment for optimum results.

4. End your task with a nice warm hand soak to relax the muscles and pamper them a little.

Your hands do so much work and they serve you so well. They certainly deserve every extra bit of attention you can give them.

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Necklaces, Necklines and Bustlines

No jewelry is meant to be worn by itself, unless you’re Rose from the movie Titanic. Jewelry is meant to be worn with other accessories and wardrobe pieces and therefore must go with all the rest in order to create a harmonious, cohesive look or. This is especially true for necklaces.

People can notice the clothes but often miss the ring or the earrings, but necklaces are always seen with what one is wearing. Necklaces are the jewelry that is most spatially proximate to clothing, as they fall close to, often overlapping the neckline, sometimes covering the entire front, and thus and can most contribute to the success of an outfit or its ruin.

There are different types of necklaces to go with different types of necklines. A general rule is that a necklace should also complement the outfit, not clash with it. Another is that it should not be directly on top of neckline, and so should sit at least either few inches above or below it. An exception to this would be the bib necklace, which is wide and elaborate, and covers a lot of surface area, usually obscuring the neckline itself, in which case the only requirement would be that it be worn on a plain and simple top or bodice.

A collar necklace closes around the neck a little above the shoulders, while a choker sits on the base of the neck where it meets the shoulder. These are best worn with U- or boat- necklines, strapless outfits and collared ones. A princess length necklace falls halfway between the base of the throat and the cleavage while a matinee necklace falls right in the middle of the chest. These are best worn with high round and sabrina necklines. An opera necklace falls below the chest and anything longer than that is called, well, a long necklace. These longer necklaces go with any type of neckline but the top or bodice generally must be simple or at least not too embellished.

Just like there are necklines to go with certain body types, certain types of necklaces complement certain body types. Small-breasted women can look more busty with bib necklaces or layers of different lengths of chunky beads. For women with large breasts, long pendants on substantial chains are flattering. Those long Y-shaped lavalier necklaces have a kind of breast reduction surgery effect that you would otherwise have to get from a place like Finesse Surgical, as they cut down along the front to break up that wide expanse of chest. Any type of long necklace would have the same effect, but must have a pendant to weigh it down, otherwise it’ll fall on the sides of the breasts and would them look bigger instead.

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