Being Comfortable in your Own Skin

relaxWouldn’t we all love to be comfortable in our own skin?

Apart from the self-esteem and emotional maturity that would be required for us to arrive at such a contented state, it would be nice to have nice smooth skin to cozy up in. Of course that would be such a superficial kind of comfort, but imagine the confidence that waking up in lovely dewy skin would bring. We’d be ready to face the world without the mask of makeup that we apply to disguise the parts of ourselves that are not young and beautiful.

Make up can be considered partly magic and partly deception, an illusion of beauty within a reality that is not quite beautiful. And make no mistake, there is indeed deception involved. Don’t we feel like we’ve been had when we see all those photos of celebrities without make up, without the multiple spells that Photoshop has cast? Don’t we feel betrayed when we see a beauty icon unmasked? And don’t we envy those celebrities featured in those beautiful-without-makeup type articles in People magazine?

We wouldn’t even mention the teens and twenty-somethings like Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus – of course their complexions are still smooth and plump and wrinkle-free. But those practically flawless thirty-somethings like Claire Danes or Kate Winslet, or those forty- and fifty-somethings such as Amy Poehler, Jennifer Aniston, or Julia Louis-Dreyfuss who own their skin and look fabulous doing it – these gals deserve our props.

How do we get to a point where we can go out barefaced? How do we maintain our skin for decades to come? First thing that we ought to get a handle on would be the obvious problems that we have. Dryness? Fine lines? Acne? Discolorations or pigmentations? We best get our asses to the dermatologist for some solutions.

As for maintenance, most dermatologists recommend 3 things:
1. Hydration. Getting those eight glasses of H2O down your throat could be the step that takes your skin from so-so to fabulous. Water comes out as sweat and flushes out those toxins and impurities from your cells.
2. Sun protection. Those UV rays are the enemy, causing pigmentations and premature wrinkles. Photoaging is avoidable with the simple application of sunblock every single day. Go for a minimum of SPF 30.
3. Basic cleansing, toning, moisturizing. It is important to find a skin regimen that is suited for our age and skin type, and stick to it. Just as important as the quality and efficacy of our skin care products is our fastidiousness and consistency in sticking to it, no matter what.

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