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Listed below is an example of an article submitted by Queenie P.:

Designing Your House: Easy as 1-2-3!

Coordinating with an architect or an interior designer can sometimes be a disaster. No matter how well trained they are, miscommunication can happen. You ask for this, but he gives you that. This can be very bad news for a big investment such as a house. A good solution to this would be to play with virtual house design games.


As childish as it may sound, virtual house design games allow homeowners themselves to play around with architecture and internal design. Not only is it a fun way to kill time; it also lets you visualize your dream home on your own. There are various online designing games that you can choose from.


Architect Studio 3D

Architect Studio 3D is the closest thing you can get to becoming a real architect. Inspired by the late architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this online game not only lets you become an architect; it also teaches you the basics of architecture.

As you play the game, Architect Studio 3D will provide you with tips and tricks on becoming an architect, such as dealing with clients, using the basic architecture symbols, and knowing the standard room sizes for homes.

Likewise, it lets you go through the entire process of becoming an architect. At the start, you get to choose from among 18 clients. Afterwards, you get to create house plans for them based on their needs. You get to choose firsthand the location of the house, its floor plan, its height, and the materials and roofing. After you have finished with the design, you get to take a virtual tour of the house you have made. Finally, you have the option of publishing your design to the website’s gallery to gain feedback from other designers.


Bob the Builder


Bob the Builder lets you design houses without having to service clients. While it may not be as detailed and as legitimate as other virtual house design games, you still get to choose the house shape, features, color, and landscape. This game is best for kids and kids at heart.


Aside from these two games, there are other virtual house design games you can enjoy such as Doll House Design Game and My Lovely House and Dream Bedroom. Explore these games and develop the architect in you today.