Mad About Spider Vein Textures

spider veins ChicagoSpider veins are nothing to rejoice about when they’re found on your legs but when they’re found on jewelry, they make such gorgeous textures.

In humans, spider veins are caused by weakness in the capillaries and inefficient blood circulation. In gemstones, where they are called veins in general, they are cracks in the stone that in time have been naturally filled with other minerals, usually quartz.

You can make a search online, or browse around bead shops in Chicago, and you’ll probably chance some really unique beads that are sure to get your pulse fluttering. There are chunky turquoises in really awesome light blue colors, with really fine dark gray veins running randomly all around them. The uneven density of their spider veins and their irregular shapes would make them really great pendants. You wouldn’t need to embellish them much because they’re already quite stylish. They may be quite pricey because these are semi-precious stones after all, but they would be so worth it.

You might also come across what is called dragon vein agate. “Dragon vein” means that the stones are surrounded by a fine mesh like design. Agates come in all sorts of colors but the darker ones, when they come with light dragon veins, look very dramatic and exotic. You would usually find them as round beads. It’s not very often that they come in big sizes. Simply string them up and make bracelets out of them.

Rose quartz, or pink quartz, is a gemstone that you would usually find veined. But the texture the veins create here is more subtle, but no less pretty. The milky pink color with the delicate vein pattern makes this a very sweet and feminine looking stone. Rose quartz make lovely focal points in rings. This might mean that you might have to pay to have a stone set in silver or gold. But if you are feeling crafty, you can use wire jewelry techniques to create a ring “setting” for yourself.

You can find veins in other gems, such as jade and lapis lazuli. In some cases it decreases the value of the stone, but if you are not after value, but prettiness, then it shouldn’t matter.