Mustaches and Breasts

I don’t think I’ll ever hop onto the prevalent mustache mania. I find it too strange, too surreal. Mustache jewelry? It was there, an enamel mustache hanging on a chain, designed to be worn around a woman’s neck. Why? I seriously don’t understand the current fascination with old-fashioned mustaches. I would be interested in reading about a study of the effects of the hipster mustache trend. The past couple of years has seen it explode all over the world, flooding it with not just mustache jokes, memes, and apps, but also mustache toys, games, fashion and home accessories, even fabric prints. I’ve seen mustache inspired bikini tops on poolside loungers in Plantation, Florida, and mustache finger tattoos in San Francisco’s bohemian set. I wonder if it has resulted in the resurgence of the Stalin-style, Dali-Style, or kung-fu-master-style style mustache, or if it has even caused a bump in the number of men sporting ‘staches. Will constant exposure to it make men want to grow it on their own faces?

What if it were any other trend? What if it were puckered lips? Oh, wait, girls are already doing that with their social media selfies – ever heard of the “duck face”? So what boobs were trendy? What if there came a fashion trend that brandished boobs on watches and rings? What if the handbags suddenly sported breasts as a design element? And what if designers went gaga over what they would then call “the breast pattern print” which is essentially repetitions of two concentric circles, with the small inner one (representing the nipple) on top of the lighter outer circle (representing the breast). And what if there was an app that superimposed a pair of cartoon boobs on a photo of your choice? Would more women get breast augmentation surgery at clinics like Suria? Would they then go braless where it is permissible?

What if it were the afro hairstyle? Would everyone with straight limp hair want to get a perm to frizz it up? And what if the trend were a walking cane? Would people actually start walking with canes rather than just hanging mini versions of it as charms in their bracelet?

I’m really curious about the social effects of such trends.

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Hormone Replacement: Benefits and Risks

Hormones in the body don’t just control certain physiological functions that are essential to health, but psychological and mental processes as well. When a woman goes through menopause, her body is deprived of female hormones and this causes a great upheaval in her system which would ultimately affect the way she lives her life. This translates to a whole slew of physical and psychological symptoms that she must endure, including hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, osteoporosis, vaginal dryness and itching, depression, loss of libido, insomnia, and mood swings.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been recommended for women, which entails regular doses of the hormones that a menopausal woman’s body has ceased producing — estrogen with or without combining it with progesterone and progestin. But in for the past couple of decades, risks of cancer and heart disease have caused doctors to be more restrictive in their recommendations. However, more recent studies have shown that HRT can address menopausal symptoms without increasing cancer risk.

There has also been a development in the type of hormones used for HRT. This is called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Women can now have the hormones they take be exact replicas of the those that their body used to produce, this is so that their bodies can absorb the hormones better and achieve ultimate hormonal balance. Furthermore, the hormones are synthesized only from plant sources and not from chemicals in a lab.

Timing is important for how safe the selected hormone therapy is. Generally, it is recommended that women start therapy upon the onset of menopausal symptoms. Women who have undergone hysterectomies Studies have shown that hormone therapy could even lower the risk of heart attack and heart failure.

HRT is not recommended for women who have been post-menopausal for ten years or more, and for women with cancer in their family history, as hormone replacement therapy could still increase their risk for developing the disease.

Women who are considering hormone replacement therapy should enter into a discussion with their doctors about benefits and risks and which kind of hormone treatment is right for them. For those in Denver, check out Biovive.

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In Defense of High Maintenance

“High maintenance” has such a negative connotation. When it refers to a thing, such as a product, a house or a car, it’s almost as bad as a white elephant, it means that it takes too much money and effort to sustain, causing more hassle than its worth. As a trait attributed to people the term could mean that they are clingy and needy whiners, arrogant and controlling type A types, or attention-hungry and spoiled divas.

But couldn’t it all be a matter of perspective? “High maintenance” could be a dirty word that mediocre people spew out when faced with excellence, folks to make excuses for themselves, or to make themselves feel better, a label that lazy people place on hardworking ones because they don’t have the desire nor the perseverance to keep up.

t could just mean that they’re damn near perfect, and that such perfection demands certain responses and behavior. There must be some show of appreciation for being in the presence of prime specimen of humanity, and some effort to give said prime specimen the time and attention due. There also must be some kind of recognition that such near perfection does not come by easily. It takes diligence and resources to maintain – no excuses, no slacking off. A beautiful physical appearance means getting acne treatment before the need for it becomes desperate, long before one has to stand in a Mardi Gras float in Baton Rouge, and a liposuction before one descends to porcine levels, even if one has to drive to Phoenix to get it. A beautiful mind needs the stimulation of intelligent discourse, whether it’s face to face, over the phone or via chat or email.

Or perhaps these “high maintenance” types hold themselves to very high standards and, rightly or wrongly, expect others to do the same. If anything deserves to be done, it has to be done well. Good must be great, smart must be brilliant, and nice must be phenomenal. No flings, just relationships that one throws all the chips in. Jobs must be stellar. It means clean must be spotless, and that tasty must be ambrosial.

So watch yourself when you’re calling something “high maintenance”, you might not be belittling it, but yourself.

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Benefits of Donating Blood

Donating blood is a good thing. There are a whole lot of sick people out there who need blood, and your blood could fill somebody’s need. And for every surgery that is performed at any hospital, there has to be at least a few bags of blood on standby, just in case. Altruism must be the primary motivation for donating blood.

However, giving some of your life fluid does not only potentially save a person’s life and make you a hero, but if you are wondering what could be in it for you other than soft, gooey feelings, it has a lot of health benefits too.

First of all, you get to check on your overall health. Before you could give blood, the blood bank or clinic you go too has to screen your blood for various diseases, including HIV, hepatitis and a host of other viral and bacterial diseases. The mini-physical also checks on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, so you would be aware of any red flags those tests might raise.

Donating blood also lowers your risk of heart disease. The medical community is not quite certain why that is, but research shows that heart attacks are 88% less likely in regular blood donors. The prevailing theory is that donating blood gets iron out of the system and thins out the blood, thereby lowering the risk of arteriosclerosis and blood clots. It’s probably like spring cleaning. Getting all that old blood out and letting your body manufacture new blood could get the cobwebs out of your circulatory system.

Furthermore, too much iron in the system is linked to certain cancers, so blood donation could lower the risk of cancer as well. A study of 1,200 bi-annual blood donors has shown a lower incidence of cancer than the same number of non-donors.

And here’s the clincher: you burn 650 calories for every pint you donate. Your body has to replenish your blood supply after all, and that takes some energy. Isn’t that awesome an awesome deal for a few minutes of lying down with a needle in your vein? Just like in Optima.

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Mad About Spider Vein Textures

spider veins ChicagoSpider veins are nothing to rejoice about when they’re found on your legs but when they’re found on jewelry, they make such gorgeous textures.

In humans, spider veins are caused by weakness in the capillaries and inefficient blood circulation. In gemstones, where they are called veins in general, they are cracks in the stone that in time have been naturally filled with other minerals, usually quartz.

You can make a search online, or browse around bead shops in Chicago, and you’ll probably chance some really unique beads that are sure to get your pulse fluttering. There are chunky turquoises in really awesome light blue colors, with really fine dark gray veins running randomly all around them. The uneven density of their spider veins and their irregular shapes would make them really great pendants. You wouldn’t need to embellish them much because they’re already quite stylish. They may be quite pricey because these are semi-precious stones after all, but they would be so worth it.

You might also come across what is called dragon vein agate. “Dragon vein” means that the stones are surrounded by a fine mesh like design. Agates come in all sorts of colors but the darker ones, when they come with light dragon veins, look very dramatic and exotic. You would usually find them as round beads. It’s not very often that they come in big sizes. Simply string them up and make bracelets out of them.

Rose quartz, or pink quartz, is a gemstone that you would usually find veined. But the texture the veins create here is more subtle, but no less pretty. The milky pink color with the delicate vein pattern makes this a very sweet and feminine looking stone. Rose quartz make lovely focal points in rings. This might mean that you might have to pay to have a stone set in silver or gold. But if you are feeling crafty, you can use wire jewelry techniques to create a ring “setting” for yourself.

You can find veins in other gems, such as jade and lapis lazuli. In some cases it decreases the value of the stone, but if you are not after value, but prettiness, then it shouldn’t matter.

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