Out with the Implants

implantsGetting breast augmentation can sometimes be disappointing. Hard as that may be to believe, a lot of celebrities who have gotten boob jobs eventually realize that it’s not all it’s made out to be and decide to get their implants removed.

In the case of Sharon Osbourne, it was all due to a leaky implant. We don’t know if she had a bad surgeon or simply ended up with a lemon. Either way, that was a horrible thing to happen.

With Pam Anderson, it was more of a size thing. She’s such a petite girl, and those gazongas she had in Baywatch were way too big for her, so she got rid of them. But maybe she didn’t want to be flat-chested again, because she got implants again, but this time, much smaller ones that are better suited for her frame.

Heather Morris got rid of her implants because they made her sore and kept her from doing what she loved, which happens to also be what pays the bills. Breast augmentation may have looked great on her, but it made dancing painful and difficult. That’s one trade off that she could not live with, and so she bid “tata!” to her ta-tas.

It may have been strange for porn star Jenna Jameson to have her implants taken out – isn’t bigger always better in pornos? But no, apparently it was the discomfort that was the deal breaker. Bigger boobs need bigger support – she had to hold her boobs every time she went jogging, which may have caused her to look like a perv.

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