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Mustaches and Breasts

I don’t think I’ll ever hop onto the prevalent mustache mania. I find it too strange, too surreal. Mustache jewelry? It was there, an enamel mustache hanging on a chain, designed to be worn around a woman’s neck. Why? I seriously don’t understand the current fascination with old-fashioned mustaches. I would be interested in reading about a study of the effects of the hipster mustache trend. The past couple of years has seen it explode all over the world, flooding it with not just mustache jokes, memes, and apps, but also mustache toys, games, fashion and home accessories, even fabric prints. I’ve seen mustache inspired bikini tops on poolside loungers in Plantation, Florida, and mustache finger tattoos in San Francisco’s bohemian set. I wonder if it has resulted in the resurgence of the Stalin-style, Dali-Style, or kung-fu-master-style style mustache, or if it has even caused a bump in the number of men sporting ‘staches. Will constant exposure to it make men want to grow it on their own faces?

What if it were any other trend? What if it were puckered lips? Oh, wait, girls are already doing that with their social media selfies – ever heard of the “duck face”? So what boobs were trendy? What if there came a fashion trend that brandished boobs on watches and rings? What if the handbags suddenly sported breasts as a design element? And what if designers went gaga over what they would then call “the breast pattern print” which is essentially repetitions of two concentric circles, with the small inner one (representing the nipple) on top of the lighter outer circle (representing the breast). And what if there was an app that superimposed a pair of cartoon boobs on a photo of your choice? Would more women get breast augmentation surgery at clinics like Suria? Would they then go braless where it is permissible?

What if it were the afro hairstyle? Would everyone with straight limp hair want to get a perm to frizz it up? And what if the trend were a walking cane? Would people actually start walking with canes rather than just hanging mini versions of it as charms in their bracelet?

I’m really curious about the social effects of such trends.

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Posted by Admin - September 5, 2013 at 12:18 pm

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