Taking Care of Your Hands

You may take it for granted, but making jewelry, even if it’s just stringing up beads, is a task that requires a lot of dexterity. And sometimes we can get lost in the sheer joy of making beautiful things that we forget to take a break. If we are to keep at this hobby, we have to take better care of our hands, as the consequences of not doing so could prevent us from indulging in our beads and baubles to our hearts’ content. We may get cramps and all sorts of aches in our hands. We may also develop vein thrombosis or some other kind of condition that will require vein treatment. If you’re in Miami and need a vein doctor, check out Soffer Health.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Here are some suggestions and tips to keep your hands in great shape:

1. Do warm up stretches before you pick up your pliers and wire, or thread and beads. Put your palms against each other and thread your fingers together. Keeping your fingers linked, turn your palms out away from your and stretch out your shoulders arms and fingers. Do this several times.

Put your palms together in prayer position and press your opposite fingers against each other, pushing your palms away from each other and back together again. Do this several times as well.

Close and open your hands several times, stretching the fingers out when they’re open and squeezing them in when they’re closed.

2. Let your hands take a break every so often so you can do some or all of the stretches again.

3. To relieve aches and pains, try giving either hand a simple massage using the opposite hand. A much better alternative to this is to have someone else – a friend, or a friend-friend – do the massage for you. Use a salve or liniment for optimum results.

4. End your task with a nice warm hand soak to relax the muscles and pamper them a little.

Your hands do so much work and they serve you so well. They certainly deserve every extra bit of attention you can give them.